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Knowledge-to-Care: how can we best use improvement, implementation and knowledge mobilisation to improve healthcare?

Thank you for accessing our questionnaire.  

Getting evidence into practice remains a stubborn problem. We are interested in actual or perceived differences between improvement, implementation and knowledge mobilisation approaches. Although we ask you about all three of these we appreciate you are likely to know more about one than the others. Please answer to according to your own understanding. 

This questionnaire will take approximately 10 minutes. It does not include any questions that would allow you to be identified. If you would like to know more about our study, of if you would like us to send you a summary of the results please contact us using the details below.

This study has been approved by Birmingham City Unviersity, Faculty of Health, Education and Life Sciences Research Ethics committee. 

Fiona Cowdell, Professor in Nursing and Healthcare Research, Birmingham City University,  

Judith Dyson, Professor in Implementation Science, Birmingham City University,