Survey Background

Dear Participant,

Thank you for taking an interest in this project. We are kindly requesting your participation in a study titled: 'Dietitian's Experiences Of Having A Nasogastric Tube Placed And The Perceived Impact On Clinical Practice'. 

My name is Becky Smith and I am a Registered Dietitian and the Project Lead. Along with my dietetic colleague and project collaborator Oscar Walton we are hoping to explore how professional experiences have impacted clinical practice.

This project aims to:

  • Explore Dietitians' experiences of having a nasogastric tube (NGT) placed.

  • Identify if having the NGT inserted has changed the dietitian’s perception of NGTs.

  • Explore any perceived impact having an NGT placed has had on their clinical practice.

  • Explore any perceived impact having an NGT placed has had on their relationships with enterally fed service users.

How long will the study take to complete? The survey takes approximately 15-20 minutes to complete depending on the answer length.

Who can take part in the study? Any student, registered or previously registered dietitians and dietetic support staff such as dietetic technicians and dietetic assistants. There is no requirement for you to be in a specific role or specialism to take part. 

Do I have to take part? No, participation is voluntary.

What information do I need to provide: The study is a completely anonymous exploration of opinions; it does not require you to provide your name or any other identifying information.

How data will be handled: is a GDPR-compliant survey tool that collects and stores results. The account and data are password protected by a strong password. Data downloaded to the researcher’s password-protected computer is stored in an encrypted file and the device will be handled in a GDPR-compliant manner. The online data will be stored on until all the data has been collected and 2 weeks after the survey has closed (22/08/2022). The data will be stored securely for 1 year after completion of the project before deletion (22/08/2023).

How the collected data will be used: Data will be anonymous and identifying information will be redacted upon survey closure. Collected data will be used to form a research report to be submitted to a scientific journal for publishing and distribution. 

Who is funding this research? The project and its researchers are receiving no funding or financial incentive.

Who are the stakeholders? There are no financial backers or sponsoring groups and project authors have no conflicting interests.

Who has reviewed the study? This project has been reviewed by University Hospital Birmingham's & Nottingham University Hospital's research and innovation teams. As collected data is given voluntarily, anonymised and cannot be used to identify participants' employer, personal background or personal views ethical approval was not deemed necessary by either reviewing body.

For further information please do not hesitate to contact a Project Author using the emails below. 

Rebekah Smith:

Oscar Walton:

Your participation in the research will help us understand the impact the experience of having an NGT inserted has on dietetic practice and patient care.

By continuing and completing the survey you are providing consent to participate in this study and for the information that you have provided to be used in the aforementioned research.

If you have read and understand ALL the above statements, please indicate whether you wish to participate in this study Required